Unisex Adjustable Back Posture Corrector Straight Back Shoulder Belt For Sitting Posture Correction Brace Support T7

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Product Description:

1.Provides gentle back support to correct incorrect posture, prevent the progressive spinal curvature and change the bad habits of kyphosis, also relieve back pain and lumbar pain. 2.Breathable material and delicate stitching work can enable enhanced air ventilation to avoid stuffy feelings, comfortable enough for all season wear. 3.Non restricting uni-sex design with flexible loop type adhesive fastener straps to fit for most children, ideal gift to show your love and care for your little boys and girls. 4.Quick to release and 2 size variations allow for custom fit and wearing convenience, dual resin strips will ergonomic fit the back curve for long lasting support to distribute pressure.

Size Chart

Size Waist Suggest Height Suggest Weight M 56-66cm/22.04-25.98in 130-145cm/4.26-4.75ft 20-35kg L 58-70cm/22.83-27.55in 145-158cm/4.75-5.18ft 30-45kg


① Do not forcefully truss up unreasonably; ② Every 1-2 hours of use, please unwind and relax for 10 minutes; ③ Please wash by hand and use neutral detergent; ④ Do not expose to sunlight. When drying, place it in a cool place to dry naturally; ⑤ Please remove this product while sleeping.

Package Included:

1* Adjustable Back Posture Corrector