Thicken PVC Pilates Massage Ball Balance Exercise Gym Fitness Training Yoga Ball Trainers Core Slid Fitness Gliding T7

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Product Description:

It is made of high quality PVC, strong and environmental friendly. This kind of yoga ball is thickened, has strong bearing capacity and is not easy to explode. As a result, it is very safe and suitable for people of all ages. In addition, it can be used not only in yoga, but also in fitness, dancing, massage and health care.

1. Made of high quality PVC, it is firm, elastic and environmental friendly.
2. Thickened, strong bearing capacity, not easy to explode
3. Colorful and practical
4. Smooth surface and comfortable hand feel
5. For all ages
6. Suitable for fitness, dance, massage and health care


Material: PVC
Size: 65cm/25.59", 75cm/29.53"
Color: Blue / Purple / Red
Model Number:Yoga Balls