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Product Description:

Product Name: pineapple peeler
Material: 201 stainless steel material +PP plastic
Size: 24.5*10cm
Weight: 0.2kg
Pineapple fragrance season, pineapple cutting is a technical job, oh, do not frown Oh, with this small tool, easy to help you get it done!
This product is practical, simple, convenient and quick to use. It is a good helper for restaurants, especially western restaurants and families.
This product includes handlebar and knife body (which can cut pineapple with a diameter greater than 10 cm).
Usage method:
1. Install hand and knife body.
2, Pineapple cut the head, enough to turn the body into the knife.
3, Slightly push the knife body gradually into the pineapple to the bottom.
4, Hand hand to pull out pineapple