Self Defense Alarm 120dB Egg Shape Security Protect Alert Personal Safety Scream Loud Keychain Emergency Alarm T7

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Product Description:

1.100% brand new.

2.Small size and light-weight easy to carry.

3.Clip to your handbag, backpack or use as a keyRing to your wallet's zipper, cellphone's strap.

4.Perfect for students, joggers, elderly, disabled, night shift workers, people who live alone.

5.When you feel you are in danger, just pull the metal pin and it will emit a 120 db sound that will deter your attacker .

6.The sound will also give warning to others around you that you are in danger .


  • .Used safety spotlight in dark area.
  • .Sound Frequency: About 100dB
  • .Weight: 42g
  • .Material: ABS
  • .Powered by a 23A 12V battery(included).
  • .Size: About 6.1 x 4.2 x 2cm
  • .Usage: Pull out alarm rope and it will ring
  • .Available color: Pink,Yellow,Blue,Purple,Black


Package includes:

1x Egg Shaped Personal Security Alarm

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