Security Alarm 120dB Personal Security Alarm Anti-Wolf Device Protection Alarm Armband Ring with LED T7

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Product Description:

Nowadays, night running is becoming more and more popular at home and abroad, and people are more and more concerned about their health. However, in recent years, accidents happened frequently among night runners. To make people worry about the safety of night running, our company specially developed this night running safety protection alarm - personal alarm armband ring. It will be your good helper when you have troubles or need help.


  1. It can make a 120dB loud sound to draw people's attention, it can effectively scare attackers in danger and seek people around for help.
  2. With bright LED flashlight to warning people walking around you, effectively ensure the safety of users.
  3. Compact and lightweight, it can be attached on purse, bag, schoolbag, backpack, keys, belt loops, easy to carry.
  4. Suitable for night running, jogging, walking, night shift workers, elder people living alone, ladies or children.
  5. High-quality and environmental friendly plastic material, high durability, smooth and delicate feeling.
  6. Simply pull down the safety buckle to activate the hand held alarm, easy to use. 

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Sound: 120dB
Battery: Built-in
Length: 27cm/10.6in
Size: 7.5 * 4 * 1.9cm/3.0 * 1.6 * 0.7in
Package Weight: approx.55g

Package List:
1 * Personal Alarm