Q528 GPS Kids Smart Watch Camera Lighting SoS Call Location Device Tracker For Kid Safe Smart Baby Watch T7

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Product Description:

1. Flashlight function: good learning help, watch the small light torch light exposure range is relatively small and concentrated, and thus will not affect the entire room light, the role of confined to the torch around early to read, save energy.  

 2. Camera: The camera can record every moment of the child.  

 3. Early Learning function: Kids early learning teacher. It have the Math game in the watch. It can help to improve the kid's intellect.  

 4.  Remote monitoring: one way listening to the sound at any time about the baby's environment when the phone send listening instructions, watch acts nothing but call back automatically.  

 5. Voice micro chat: watch not only can call, also can voice micro chat,you can talk with your child whenever and wherever.  

 6. Accurate location: we use base station, GPS and LBS double location for accurate positioning.  

 7. Health pedometer: recording child's activity every day to help kids grow up in a happy and healthy way.  

 8. SOS on button for help: children can long press the SOS key for help when they are in danger.  

 9. Electronic fence: parents can customize security range, when the child or elder beyond the safety zone the APP will receive smart reminder timely, mother do not have to worry about i wandered off.  

 10. Anti beat mode: parents can set the forbidden time according to class time. when child is in class time, the watch feather are not available to ensure the normal order for school.  

 11. Trace replay: you can track movement route within 30 days.  

 12. Refuse Stanger call: stranger can not call smart watch.  

 13. Groups of alarm clock reminder: it helps your children keep regular hours.  

 14. making friends: after two watches open making friends function, it can add friends by touching lightly. watch can send voice to chat with others.  

 15. prohibit the usage: while it is on the class; the parent could set the time on class via app to avoid the kids playing the smart watch.  

 16.Low power warning  

 17. Remote power off  

19. Look for Watch  

  Please note that due to geographical differences, the weather will not be displayed on the watch abroad.  

 How to use:  

1.Scan QR code on the packing box and which is always you can find at the button of boxes.  

 Download the APP Setracker  and Register Account.  

 3.Scan or enter into the device ID.Each device has only one unique ID, it can be only be used once, and it is the access to connect between watch and phone.  

 4.Choose language and server location. After you scan the device ID and fill into the account name and password. You got to choose the language and server in you area before you finish it.

The language we have now are: English, Türkiye, Português, Español, Deutsch. And there are 5 sever around world now, they are Hong kong, Asia and oceania, North America, South America, Europe and Africa.  

 Note: Foreign Q528 not support weather function  


  • 1. Screen: 1.4 inch OLED display
  • 2. Location: Germany
  • Three. GSM,GPRS: 850 /900 /1800 /1900MHz
  • 4. Micro SIM card
  • 5. Battery: Lithium batter 400mAh

Packing List:

 1* Q528 Smart Watch

 1* USB Cable

1* English manual

1* retailed box

This smart watch will only work with GSM networks:GSM850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz. Unlocked for Worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible. Please check with your carrier / provider before  purchasing this item.