Plastic Fruit Dish Double Layers Snack Box Candy Plates Petal-shape Rotating Trays Box Dried Fruit Storage Organizer Box T7

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Product Description:

1.Selected high quality food grade plastic material, healthy and environmentally friendly, safe and practical. The flower rotating candy box is designed to 10 compartments, can storage 10 kinds of snacks, rich in variety, and food storage is not mixed.

2.Multi-functional storage design, flower rotating candy box can store dried fruits, nuts, candy, melon seeds, ornaments, etc. It can also be used as decorative accessories, wedding candy trays.

3.Creative petal shape, like flower bloom, beautiful and stylish, rotating open cover design, conform to fashion and trend. Partition design, convenient for sorting and storage, save space when stacked, or can be used as a desktop storage tray.



Size:  Single layer:28X6.5cm,Double layer:27x13cm

Weight:  Single layer:800g,Double layer:1200g

Material:  High quality food grade plastic