Magic LED Luminous Drawing Board With Fluorescent Pen Graffiti Doodle Drawing Tablet Unlimited Use Painting For Children T7

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Product Description:

1.Develops skills and creativity: this light drawing board can explore kid's creativity, develop their writing, counting and drawing skills, reveal his creative potential, but at the same time, furniture and wallpaper in your apartment will not be "decorated" with patterns And hand-writing.

2.Fun for the whole family:not only a toys but also a communicative link between you and baby. let your kids to doodle freely with their friends and parents to share their happiness. Non-toxic health: constructed of non-toxic, high-quality material to

3.Uphold the highest standard of health safety. iso certified and is harmless for eyes(children under the age of 5, please parents to accompany the children to play)


Color:colorful Type: small A5, medium A4, big A3 Material: Plastic / Plastic

Package Included

1 x fluorescent 3D drawing board 1 x Pen (A3 has 2pcs pens ,A4 and A5 has 1pcs pen ) 1 x Letter card 1 x Instruction manual