Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart, Grade 2 to 3: Fun Activities, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Language Practice: Standards-aligned Summer Bridge Workbooks and Resources for Students Starting 3rd Grade A09

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As a result of unexpected school closure, students are losing about 12 weeks of academic instruction this year. This special edition of the Summer Learning HeadStart workbook is designed to support learning at home. It offers standards-aligned daily Math, Reading, Vocabulary, and Writing practice to students.

The extended Summer Learning Loss this year is likely to have a huge impact on the progress students make in the 2020-21 academic year. The 2020 Summer Learning Headstart book is the ideal at-home study solution that provides much needed academic support to students. It not only helps students review and retain what they learned during the academic year but also study topics that were not taught in school. The focus of this Special Edition book is to address learning loss that is associated with early school closures and Summer holidays.

This is a fun educational workbook to prevent student learning loss. It helps grade 2 students retain and strengthen their Math & English Language Arts skills and provides a strong foundation for success in 3rd grade.

This summer bridge learning workbook includes:

  • Daily practice of second grade Math and ELA skills. Covers 40+ ELA and 25+ Math standards (lessons with answer keys & explanations)
  • Fun and Useful Skill-Building Activities
  • Informative articles for students, parents, and educators

Includes Access to Online Resources:

  • Preview of 3rd grade Math and English Language Arts learning standards
  • Grade-appropriate Reading Passages
  • Vocabulary Enrichment Activities
  • A Summer diary tool
  • Opportunity to participate in the Lumos Summer Short Story Writing Competition
  • Use on a smartphone, tablet or a personal computer to conveniently access the online program

Also Includes access code for

  • Parent Account
    • Access to student performance reports
    • Ability to assign practice questions and resources
    • Ability to download and share reports
    • Ability to create resource kits
  • Teacher Account
    • Access to Lumos StepUp™ Basic Account
    • Support up to 30 students accounts
    • Assign practice and monitor progress
    • Access to actionable performance reports

More than 360,000 students and 51,000 teachers in over 25,000 schools use Lumos Learning Study Programs to improve student achievement on standardized tests and also to master necessary Math, ELA, Writing & Reading Skills.

This Lumos Summer HeadStart workbook is also suitable for use in Summer Schools, District Summer Academies, Summer Tutoring, Summer Camps, and Summertime Learning Initiatives.

Featured Customer Testimonials

Medi, Parent
"My friend Cydney mentioned these books... so I said let's give it a try to help my daughter practice over the summer. It is really a great book that engages the student. My daughter loves it!!! It provides a combination of hands on exercises in the book along with a online program to practice math, reading, vocabulary, and writing. I have to purchase their online program... the Lumos StepUp in August to use it throughout the year to re-enforce what my daughter Lexe will learn in school and as well to get her ready for taking her state test for the first time."

Parent Customer
"Lumos summer reading is really helping my kids keep up their progression. Spend 20 minutes a day reading as a family and we have fun doing it!"

MO Writer
"We have a long summer holiday and my cousin was looking for a book to fulfill my nephew's free time. This book is just the right thing to have. I took it because I liked the exercises.

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