Face Cream Remove Freckle Melasma Acne Dark Pigment Spots Melanin Pimple Cream T7

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Product Description:

This product has a freckle , wrinkle removal, for the elimination of melasma , freckles, age spots and other spots, there are special effects , young people face acne ( acne ) also had a significant effect .

plant extract effectively improves skin dullness
Lighten spots, brighten skin
Glycerin moisturizing ingredients eliminate dry skin
[Using method]
1:Clean the face
2:Take proper amount of cream
3:Apply evenly to the face, gently message until to be absorbed
4:Follow-up skin care maintenance

 1. Please test on the arm before use. If there is any adverse reaction, please stop using it.
 2, under normal circumstances, the use of about 1 week will have an effect, if your radiation spots, freckles, yellow spots are very serious, it is recommended that you buy 3 bottles for a cycle of use.
 3.Apply directly to the spots and it is recommended to use them separately at night, please must be do Sun protection.

Package Included: 1PCS Remove Freckle Cream 

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