Acrylic Powder 10ml Tip Extension French Nail Polymer Powder Nail Builder Nail Polymer Nail Tools T7

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Product Description:

To create a protective layer, strengthen your own natural nails, promote longer and stronger nails which don't split or peel.

Can be used on natural nails and false nails.

Provides a fantastic natural look for your nails.

Allow you for professional or home nail art design.

A professional nail art gift for yourself or your girlfriend.



1. Brush the acrylic power on the nail form with acrylic liquid.

2. Stick it to your real nail and make sure it fully plying-up, wait it dry.

3. Remove the nail form.

4. the shape your nails.

5. Apply a color coat.

6. Make the shape of acrylic powder as you want with acrylic liquid.

7. Apply top coat,cure it.



1. Apply a layer of base coat,cure it.

2. Put a nail form on your nail. 

3. Brush the acrylic powder on the nail with acrylic liquid.

4. After the acrylic powder and the acrylic liquid are combined, and apply it to the nail.

5. it would try within 1-2 mins.

6. Take off the nail form.

7. the shape your nails.

8. Apply top coat, cure it.



-Soak nails in a glass bowl filled with a small amount of acetone, or wrap each nail in cotton pad soaked with acetone for around 5 to 10 minutes. 

-Product will start to become soft and you can gently file it away or slide it off using a small wooden stick.


1. Avoid all skin contact. If redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur, discontinue use immediately.

2. Keep tightly sealed. Keep out of sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.