54 Key Music Electronic Keyboard Piano With Sound Effects- Portable T7

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Product Description:

Number of Demo Song: 6g
Item Type: 54 Key Children's Electronic Piano Keyboard
Start making music in a matter of minutes with an electronic keyboard.
Easier to play, smaller, and less expensive than acoustic pianos.Electronic keyboards produce an array of sounds and rhythms, enabling artists of all levels to create music.
Many factors influence the selection of the right keyboard, including comparing types of keyboard, evaluation of keyboard features, and how to use eBay as a resource for selection and purchase of the right keyboard.
It provides you a good start for you learning piano.
With a mini microphone, kids can sing while they playing.
Easy to understand,easy to learn.
A wonderful music intelligence toys to develop children's brain awareness.
10 Tones Select / 10 Rhythms Select
6 Demo Songs/ Lesson / 7 Sound Effects
16 Volume Control / 32 Tempo Control
Plug Type:US Plug,it applies to Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, the United States, the Philippines and so on.
size:Product Dimensions: 62.5 x 17 x 2cm
Package Contents:
1 x 54 Key Children's Electronic Piano Keyboard
1 x AC/DC adapter(US Plus)
1 x Microphone

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