50x50 Pixel Art MOC Set Mosaic Painting Private Customized Design Creative T7

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Product Description:

How to get a customization?

This is Private Design set, Please kindly help extend 15 days more for shipment arrange time when you creating an order. Thank you very much for your understand.

1, Choose a nice picture for Mosaic painting. 50x50 studs version only contains one people.
2, Transfer your photos to us by www.dealedeals.com message, we will judge if the picture is suitable. if not, we will ask you to provide another one.
3, We design the blocks mosaic painting for you.
4, We show the Design sketch (blueprint)to you
5, We prepare all bricks and Excel instruction (.xlsx file) for your personal mosaic painting
6, Ship the parcel to you
7, You and your family (maybe friends) build and finish it.