What are TWS earphones?

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What are TWS earphones?


True wireless stereo earphones are equipped with latest Bluetooth technology with enhanced sound. 

It uses left and right channel separately to connect to a wireless device and gives out a stereo effect. 

TWS earbuds uses latest wireless protocols to pair up and its mostly Bluetooth version 4.2 or 5.0. If a TWS has version 5.0 then 

you can imagine its connectivity range which is theoretically can go up to 800 feet. 

Such things make TWS earphones a must have accessory for every smartphone user. Here are few factors which TWS unique 

and so much popular.


1- Wireless connectivity

2- Easy to carry due to its small size which make them really easy to put it in your pocket

3- You just have to charge it once in a day and then you can use them for 4-5 hours with ease.

4- Comes with charging box which means even if you are not charging them directly by plug them with a cable, earbuds

will be charged.

5- Attractive designs and colors which makes them hard to resist to have a such well designed gadget.

6- Attending calls gets easier, you can talk over the phone for hours with holding a phone in your hand.

7- Listening to music is more fun now as you do not have to plug in any wire onto your mobile device. Plus, the sound is

is truly stereo which adds up more fun.

8- Variety of trendy and cool skin cases are available


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