The best phone accessories to shop for your smartphone in 2020

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The best phone accessories to shop for your smartphone in 2020



Your phone is with you virtually all of the time but to get most out of this investment (often hefty) you need its accessories to enhances its functionality and appearance. Accessories can largely improve both the functionality of your phone and help preserve its quality and longevity.


Portable chargers, screen protectors, durable cases, and earbuds are all accessories that can enhance your experience with your smartphone.


So, are you looking for something classy and trendy to accompany your phone? Here is a list of some of the must have accessories in 2020 to make it actually smart:


  1. USB Charger 30W Fast Charging


Apple claims that iPhone 8 and newer models can charge up to 50 percent in only 30 minutes but that’s not the case if you use the charger Apple includes in the box. With the exception of the iPhone 11 Pro models, all iPhones come with a relatively slow charger. This  is a great option, as it has 3 ports and 30W which can charge multiple devices at once.




  1. 3 IN 1 USB Cable Micro USB Type-C Fast Charging Adapter


This is a 3 in 1 connecting cable that lets you connect between different types of devices. It supports USB, Type C and Micro USB connections.


  1. Qi Smart Quick Charge Fast Wireless Charger


Most modern phones can also charge wirelessly so to avoid wires and port choose thi one. Qi Smart charger offers a great non-slip charger pad for less than $30, so you can put a few around your house for convenient charging at any moment.


  1. Baseus 15W Wireless car Charger and Phone Holder


This 15W wireless charger is all you need. It is a 2 in 1 Intelligent Infrared Qi Wireless Charger. It'suitable for both iphone and android.


  1. Slim Frosted Hard PC Back Cover For iPhone


There are a ton of great cases out there which are solid cases with great drop protection. But this one strikes a good balance between a slim design and a bit of shock-absorbing protection.




  1.  XO Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The glass on your screen is hard but it isn’t completely scratch-proof. You need extra protection so this tempered glass screen protector from XO is the best choice. It’s thin yet strong and comes with a toolkit to help you line it up perfectly on your phone.



  1. 2 in 1 kitchen rotatable cell phone stand


This 2 in 1 phone stand will allow you to enjoy the best angles with your smart phone, which will ensure you comfort as well as clarity of content. It will be so great to get by your day to day routine without stressing about holding your phone upright using your hands.



  1. NEW Wireless Charger for Apple I Watch Series


You’ll want some backup power for your iwatch. This new wireless charger is a best in size and capacity, making it one of the best overall watch chargers around.


  1. i12 Tws Wireless headphones


The earbuds that came with your smartphone might be mediocre .Ditch the wires and opt for this pair of higher-end wireless earbuds which boosts your sound quality. It is one of the best choices which combines lots of features and great sound quality at an affordable price.


  1. Cewaal 2.4G wireless Gaming Contoller


This controller has a perfect design that makes it easy to carry around. Perfect for  Android System and PS3, Wireless transmission can be operated within 10 meters.

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